Welcome to the EDCCA website.

As a registered charity EDCCA works hard to support people in need and improve their quality of life in Easingwold and District.

We know that there are many people who because of their age or for health reasons rely on the services that we provide such as using the community car scheme to attend a medical appointment or being visited by a friendly volunteer through our Befriending scheme.

Next year marks our 30th anniversary and I am very proud to be leading the organisation at this time. There are many challenges that we face through cuts in public spending and a decrease in funding for organisations like ours in the voluntary sector but there are also opportunities for us too. At the heart of what we do are the volunteers who give up their time freely and without whom we would not be able to provide these services.

We have much to be proud of and I would like to thank you for your continued support.

Tina ChamberlainTina Chamberlain


Just a few of the many comments we get from the people we help.

“I look forward to my visits, it gives me something new to focus on, and something new to talk about with my family.” 

” My father rarely left the house prior to being matched with a volunteer. Nowadays it is a different story, they have so many things in common,and are always going out for road trips.” 

“I am housebound so don’t get to see many people and I really look forward to my volunteer coming. I enjoy hearing all the gossip and goings on in Easingwold. My week would seem so much longer without my visit.” 

” I have two volunteers that have become great friends. They help me with my shopping, collecting prescriptions and help me with my mail as I am partially blind. My volunteers help me to remain independent within my own home” 

“My volunteer helps to keep me updated with things happening around me, but also helps me to organise lifts and is always there to help if I have a problem. I would miss their company dreadfully if the scheme was to close.”